The reliable partner for transport between Holland and England

A century of transport experience

Handling your products over to a shipping company is an act of trust. Trust in the promise that delivery times will be met. Trust that they will be transported in an appropriate way. It is a trust which we at Thomas Boers justify every day.

We have been a reliable partner for transport and transshipment for over a century, with England being the primary destination for the last thirty years. Our advantage lies in the fact that we are a compact organisation. That means we can move quickly, both literally and metaphorically. And we can pay optimum attention to your needs and wishes. That is assuming that your contact person is not aware of them already of course, since at Thomas Boers you always have one point of contact who monitors your shipment closely.

English Depot

Thomas Boers UK Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Thomas Boers bv, with its own premises in Witham, Essex. Newly constructed in 2007, we can offer 1000 m2 of fully secured storage facilities. From our Witham office, we control and monitor all UK collections and deliveries, enabling you to get up-to-date information about the status of your consignments.